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On the Peninsula and in San Francisco, we are here with the standard of care you expect from PacificTHERx - physical therapy, fitness and personal training, Alter-G, sport-specific training, and more. If injured, we want you to return to full function and enjoy daily activities free from pain. If you seek a sports conditioning program, we offer several. Have questions? Want to visit in person? Please be in touch.

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Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists are all Fellowship or Residency trained OMTs. Expert clinical reasoning and diagnostic skills...
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Personal Training

Our fitness trainers bring encouragement, accountability and drive to build strength, endurance, speed, and agility...
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Group Classes

Weekly fitness classes include spin, boot camp, yoga and more. Equestrian, yoga, plus other events and workshops...
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Sport Training

Developed for professional athletes and passionate amatures, our intensive, sport training is customized to your specific...

An Introduction

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  • Soft Tissue Mobilization
  • Joint Mobilization
  • Therapeutic Exercise
  • Patient Education
  • Ice Therapy 
  • Stim Therapy
  • State of the Art Equipment
  • Highly Personalized Care
  • Personal Training
  • Group Classes
  • Yoga Workshops
  • Sport-specific Training
  • Equestrian Training
  • Alter-G Anti-Gravity Treadmill
  • Private Pilates Instruction
  • Private Yoga Instruction
Physical Therapy by appointment. FITNESS CENTER hours as follows:

Monday 6am - 8pm
Tuesday 6am - 7pm*
Wednesday 6am - 8pm
Thursday 6am - 7pm
Friday 6am - 6pm
Saturday 9am - 2pm

* 1st & 3rd Tue of month Fitness Center is closed 12pm-1pm.
I have severe osteoarthritis... two (knee) replacements, two on my hips and one on my shoulder...two back surgeries. I found this excellent physical therapy clinic...through a random comment from a nurse at Stanford Medical Center who said that she had heard that it was an extraordinary place. She was right, and I have cycled through all my surgeries with Lisa and her staff with nothing but extreme gratitude for having found them.
Maribeth - Sunnyvale
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Events & Workshops

We offer a wide variety of Events and Workshops throughout the year. The Pacific THERx "Riding Strong" Equestrian Events cover everything from a Solid Base in the Saddle to Equestrian Fitness. Several of our Yoga workshops are designed to help manage and reduce pain in the neck and shoulders, hip, foot and ankle, as well as lower back. There are workshops that cover Yoga basics and proper alignment in addition to Yoga events designed for golfers, cyclists and runners. See for yourself!

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All Things Yoga

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At Pacific THERx we offer a weekly Yoga class at our Fitness Center in Portola Valley. While days vary, you will typically find an evening class or Saturday morning class. Each is the perfect way end your day or start your great weekend. Treat yourself to a Yoga class - release the tension, refresh the mind, relax the body. VIEW CURRENT YOGA CLASS SCHEDULE

Make sure to check out our Yoga Workshops which often take place on Saturdays in the early afternoon. VIEW CURRENT YOGA WORKSHOPS
  • Yoga 101 & Proper Alignment in Yoga
  • Yoga Workshops for Golfers, Runners & Cyclists
Learn what leads to pain and injury, simple Yoga exercises that provide relief and ways to adjust your Yoga practice to accommodate:
  • Neck & Shoulder Pain
  • Yoga for Low Back Pain & Hip Pain
  • Yoga for Foot & Ankle Pain
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Sport Specific Training

Specialized, sport-specific training to gain the mastery required to excel at your passion!

The “Riding Strong Conditioning Program” is designed for riders looking for a tailored exercise program. Feel stronger on the horse, become a more effective rider and enhance your competitive...



Pacific THERx's Balanced GOLFER program is specifically designed to incorporate video analytic tools and expert physical therapy assessments to evaluate how a golfer's mobility, strength, and balance effect the...



Our “RPM Cycling Program” has been designed to analyze and correct cycling issues: proper bike fit, riding comfort, and performance. Static and dynamic testing informs adjustments critical to triathletes and avid...


Meet the Founder

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Lisa D. Green, PT, MOMT, MPT, ATC - Founder, Pacific THERx Inc. - Licensed Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapist and Certified Athletic Trainer, with 26 years of clinical expertise, advanced training, and extensive experience in orthopedic manual therapy and sports medicine rehabilitation. Lisa’s reputation is synonymous with quality of care in her community. She is regarded as a knowledgeable and experienced teacher and mentor in manual therapy, physical therapy, sports medicine, and anatomy at learning institutions throughout the US - including UCSF, SJSU, Canada College, and the Ola Grimsby Institute. READ MORE

  • Advanced Clinical Master’s Degree in Orthopaedic Manual Therapy - Ola Grimsby Institute - Completed OMT Residency and Fellowship
  • Master’s Degree - Physical Therapy - University of California San Francisco
  • Bachelor of Arts - Physical Education/Athletic Training - San Diego State University
  • Head Physical Therapist & Athletic Trainer - United States/VISA Decathlon Team - For several years, provided care and treatment to “the best athletes in the world.”
  • Worked with the USA Women’s Volleyball Team, the US Navy Track Team, and numerous professional and Division I college athletes.
MISSION - To provide Portola Valley and surrounding communities with a comprehensive health and fitness facility designed to deliver effective, artful and regenerative physical therapy and intelligent, challenging and life-enhancing fitness-training. To facilitate great achievements by our patients and clients.
VALUES - Take a stand for exceptional patient care. Nurture, educate and develop our team members. Provide an exceptional experience rooted in collaboration. Dedicate ourselves to industry excellence and highly personalized care. Involve ourselves as a force for wellness in our local community.  READ MORE
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GO THERx Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine of San Francisco provides the same world-class therapy, training, and sports medicine you have come to expect from us in Portola Valley. Value Based | Patient Centered | Leading Edge  We are taking new patients.

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Call to Schedule   415-813-1662
Email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Address  2211 Bush Street San Francisco, CA 94115 
Free Parking  You are welcome to park in our off-street lot! 
Fax Number  415-663-4769 Faxes Only
Easy to Find  Directions

We are Taking New Patients & Would Love to See You

GO THERx Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine is close to Pacific Heights, Western Addition and the Filmore District, and just three blocks from Japantown. Near Fillmore and Bush Streets - on Bush Street. - just around the corner from the Walgreens. If you have questions, feel free to be in touch.

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Meet Our Physical Therapists

physical therapist portola green Lisa D. Green


A licensed Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapist and Certified Athletic Trainer, with 26 years of clinical expertise and advanced training. Lisa has an...


physical therapist portola ohanessian Dr. Gregory Ohanessian

PT, DPT, MOMT, TPI Certified
Clinical Director

With a passion for "problem-solving" Greg is highly empathetic and has a keen ability to perform evaluations that get to the heart of what is really going on with...


The Balanced GOLFER Program

golf swing analysis coaching GO THERx's Balanced GOLFER program incorporates video analytic tools and expert physical therapy assessments to evaluate how a golfer's mobility, strength, and balance effect the golf swing. Created by GO THERx physical therapist, Greg Ohanessian, who did his doctoral research in golf swing and how it relates to a degenerative spine. Greg is a member of San Francisco’s Olympic Club and a Certified Titielist Performance Institute Medical Professional - a golf performance program used by 90% of the top PGA tour players! 

Video Analysis of Golf Swing: $100
Video Analysis with Physical Therapy Assessment: $350

For info about our "Balanced Golfer Program" in San Francisco - Call 415-813-1662

ATC Outreach in San Francisco

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GO THERx provides highly trained and skilled Certified Athletic Trainers. We cover teams, individuals and provide staffing for tournaments for all levels of sports including high school, college, club and professional. Our Athletic Trainers, Physical Therapists and Strength and Conditioning Specialists provide true "professional" care for our clients. GO THERx Provides:

Certified Athletic Trainers
Certified Sports Physical Therapist
Emergency Medical Responder
ATC Equipment & Supplies
Sport Injury Evaluation
Sports Injury Risk Screens
Pre/Post Concussion Management
Sport Specific Strength & Conditioning

Meet Our Personal Trainers

physical therapist portola valley de luna Justin de Luna

BS Kinesiology, NASM
Personal Trainer

Justin received his BS in Kinesiology with a concentration in Movement Sciences and an emphasis in Neuromuscular Science. He also has s Personal Training...


 Join Our Team

Personal Trainer

We are always looking for talented personal trainers and physical therapists and have offices in San Fancisco and Portorla Valley. Think you might be a good fit for our team?


Admin Staff & Therapy Aides

Justin de Luna - BS

Justin joined GoTHERx in 2016. Attention to detail with clients and patients is key to him and seeing patiens progress throughout their program is...

Join our Team

Want to learn how to Join Our Team here in San Francisco or in Portola Valley? Simply follow the link below and tell us about yourself and your qualifications...

We Look Forward to Seeing You in San Francisco

physical therapy free parking san franciscoAre you looking to recover from your boot camp, spin class or Mommy & Me Pilates? Did you pull something while coming about on the bay last Friday night and need to get back on the water this weekend? Maybe your bike commute got a little too exciting and you are still in pain. Whatever the reason, injury or chronic issue, we are here to help. If you live, work or play in the city, we look forward to seeing you. Remember, we have parking!

GO THERx Trainers, Services, and Schedule

Call  415-813-1662

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