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physical therapist portola amy fowlkesAmy had just been accepted into physical therapy school, when she really hurt her back. At the time, a sports medicine doctor told her, “everyone has back pain and you will have to learn to live with it.” Amy, who is by nature very active was competing in triathlons and took this as a challenge. She became very determined to learn everything she could about how to treat spine-related problems, reduce the pain and make it possible for people to thrive in the midst of a back injury or degenerative diagnosis.
As a result of her personal experiences, Amy’s first job out of PT school was at a Spine Center, known for treating some of the most challenging neck and back disorders.Here, the attentiveness and patient-care required, echoed Amy’s experience growing up. While caring for her younger sister with special needs, Amy learned what it means to deeply care for another’s well-being.
Areas of Expertise and Training

Outpatient Orthopedic - Board certified Orthopedic Certified Specialist (OCS) by the American Physical Therapy Association.

Manual Therapy - Over 500 hours of training in orthopedic manual therapy (OMT), initially with a Maitland emphasis.

Yoga - Registered with Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT 500, an experienced registered yoga teacher, with over 500 hours of training. Teaching yoga since 2008. As a licensed physical therapist, Amy offers yoga therapy as a component of her physical therapy practice.

CycIing - Trained in cycling biomechanics and fit, with eight years as a competitive (category 1) road cyclist and 8 years as a competitive triathlete.

Master’s Degrees - Exercise Physiology (MS) and Physical Therapy (MPT) - Amy brings to her therapy table twenty years of direct experience. Amy’s distinct blend of exercise science, extensive manual therapy skills and yoga training makes her rehabilitation style innovative and fun.

While her clients rave about her “magic hands”, Amy loves the science behind rehabilitation and the interaction with her patients - getting to know them and helping them through challenging times. To Amy, physical therapy is that perfect blend of patient care, movement analysis, science, exercise, manual therapy, and medicine.

For Amy, it is about seeing the progress and that feeling of genuine happiness that occurs when patients improve - when their goals are exceeded and they surpass their prior level of function. The friendships, connections, and sense of helping others are why Amy enjoys going to work every day. Outside work, Amy’s life is an extension of many of the same things she does at Pacific THERx. An avid cyclist and lover of yoga, she also loves gardening and spending time with her 2 kids and 2 dogs. Days off usually include plenty of running around outside. Amy enjoys going on rides with patients when they return to their bikes.

Ask her what’s on her list of dreams and you will soon learn that seeing the Chicago Cubs win the World Series is right up there. Travel to new and exciting places and living somewhere where she can walk out her door and have nature in every direction. What you may not know about Amy is that she is from Iowa and a vegetarian. And although she still has love for the Giants, she flies her very own “W” flag on days the Cubbies win a game!

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