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physical therapist kinesiology nasm de luna“My passion for health and fitness began at a young age. Growing up, I would always be outside the house playing until dark, my mom would sometimes have to call for me to come back in. Throughout high school I participated in multiple sports: football, tennis, as well as track and field. Pursuing physical therapy as a profession not allows me to remain physically active myself but also keeps me motivated in continuously learning about how the human body moves.”

During Justin’s first year of undergrad at San Francisco State University, he initially enrolled as a Pre-Nursing major. Unsure of what he wanted to pursue as career, he knew for sure he wanted to help others. Justin didn't know “how” exactly; until he discovered Kinesiology as a major and learned about the responsibilities of a Physical Therapist. “What better way to help individuals get better than through the use of your own hands, with manual therapy, and specific exercise dosing.”

Justin received his BS in Kinesiology with a concentration Movement Sciences and emphasis on Neuromuscular Science. He also has a Personal Training certificate through National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), which focuses on the 3 stages of training: Balance, Strength and Power. He worked as a personal trainer for 2 years and has been with PacificTHERx since 2016.

“My attention to detail with clients/patients is key to me. Throughout their sessions, I provide endless cues, both verbal or tactical, to help them better understand the movement and be in ever-increasing control of their bodies.”

Seeing patients and clients progress throughout their program is the best part of for Justin. “There’s nothing better than seeing a smile on their face when they have accomplished something new in the gym. Especially something that they did not think was possible.”

Fellow animal-lovers are encouraged to ask about his two dogs - a 3 year old Pembroke Corgi named Zeus and a 1 year old English bulldog named Ivar. Secretly, he and his girlfriend believe they have the coolest doggy-duo, however, he’d love to see photos of yours!

Justin’s time off work isspent enjoying quality time with family and friends and weekends have him playing sports or tending to his garden and green house. He might just have a gardening tip or two if you ask!

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